The Green Room in Fairmount is one of the best local neighborhood bars Philadelphia has to offer.  Not only is The Green Room stacked with tons of High-def TVs, two pool tables, and tons of beers on tap, but it’s built on a very rich history.


The Green Room has been an integral part of the Fairmount neighborhood for nearly 100 years. In 1919, a man known as Pop Plumer bought The Green Room, which was originally opened as a restaurant. He then converted it to the Cadillac Delicatessen, which sold groceries and had table seating.

When the Prohibition ended in 1933, the once local food store was converted into a bar for the first time. Pop Plumer was a man with a huge heart who was loved by the neighborhood. During the Great Depression, he gave out free food to the hungry every day right from his bar, even though he had lost virtually all of his own wealth. Men would line up outside the store at 3pm, and he would serve bologna sandwiches to those that couldn’t afford food .

He also let people buy groceries on credit, even though many people never paid. Pop Plumer spoke 7 languages and could converse with everybody. He became known around town as the Mayor of Green Street.

Carrying on with that tradition in mind, Green Street is a great local hot spot filled with just the right atmosphere. Whether you’re stopping in for a quick bite to eat, shooting a few rounds of pool, catching some Philly sports, or enjoying one of the many beers on tap – make sure you make The Green Room your new hometown bar!